I first want to apologize for filling the board with a noob question but I don't know how to phrase my question on google. So here we go!

My prof has us working on GUI programming. I am trying to split up my window into 5 parts but have three sections (1st part has 1/5 of the room, 2nd part has 2/5s of the room and 3rd has 2/5s) so that the grid becomes uneven.

Is there a way to merge parts of the grid together? If no, is there any way I can get the results I want?


Have you read Sun's tutorials on using layout managers? Do that. Sounds to me like you want a GridLayout, but I could be wrong. Layout is an ugly business - there's a lot of "just 'cause I say so" stuff in it - but you can figure it out if you experiment.

thanks a lot, I'll look into that.