I have read the tutorial about Python and JPEG here, but there si no mention about showing the actual picture!

Part 1 of the tutorial deals only with the header, wait till part 2 comes up!

"Work real hard while you wait and good things will come to you!"

I finally found some time and put up "Python and the JPEG Image File, Part 2, The Image" into the Python tutorials. I think part 3 will talk about encryption/decryption of a JPEG file.

The tutorial pages are a little hidden, for part 2 see:

I copy/paste the code onto my IDE, also downloaded the test jpg and unzipped onto work directory. Code gives me indentation error!

Just browsing by. Sharp eye there bumsfeld! What you got was most likely an expostulation from your IDE. I started out with a two space indentation on the class and then went to the more traditional four space indentation later in the code. Comes from copy and paste of older and newer code. Some IDEs catch that sloppy coding!

Sorry about that! I have edited my code indentations. It should work for most mortals now!