Dear team,
Hi all i have implemented google data api in my project.
I have downloaded the api from the below url.This api is used to delete,add,update the google contacts.I have successsfully add ,list the new contacts.

But i do no how to delete the contact using this api .If some one knows kindly reply it.

For Add the contact i used the below command line argument.

--action=add --name=WorkOnline1,label:work,primary:true

For Listing the contacts

If some one knows what is the arugument For Delete?

Thank you,

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Dear peter,

I have seen the coding and i run the sample it executes well .Below are the commands i grep from test.txt and executes fine.

The contact is added,updated and deleted.

--action=add --name=TestChange5,rel:,primary:true

My question is ,

How to delete a existing contacts?

I dono parameters which is used to delete the contact.

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I have no idea what you talking about grep and all the commands you provided. From your requested I assumed that you want to CRUD (create-use-delete) contacts through Java API that you linked. From your last reply it sound as it is not the case. Do you care to explain what you using?

Dear peter,
I have shown the sample arguments which is used in test.txt file.The code as been downloaded from google in the below url .


From there they are provided list of arguments which is used for updation ,deletion and create a new contact.

I do no exactly what command to use for the delete option.

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Dear all,
If some one had implemented gdata conatact api in java kindly show me how to delete the existing contacts in java.The api will delete the contact that is finally added.

I want to delete the list of contacts.

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