Hey am new to programming. Totally new. I am at the present moment kinda clueless. I want to be able to write software, attractive, efficient, useful software. My life is currently a mess. I have no skills, no profession, no job and I am twenty two, soon to be twenty three. I love computers, I love software, I wanna create software as something I would love and something that would assist me financially to lead a more meaningful life! Please suggest the best way to start. I have "visual studio 2010" and a couple eBooks. I am so tired of the hello world stuff. I want to be writing software. It's just taking oh so long to learn anything meaningful. Help please. Any advice is appreciated.


The thing is, without all the 'boring' stuff, you will have no chance of understanding anything more advanced. Best advice I can give is, Just stick with going through books/tutorials and try to complete some basic projects that test the skills you have already learned. Trying to do too much too fast will just get you frustrated and fed up, and your passion will quickly diminish.