can anyone upload a simple modular example in c (They would include .c files and .h files please) i am currently working on modularization but i have a problem when it comes to the main.c and main.h. . . its an assignment. i just want to reference and work on mines.

here is a zip with all my current coding if anybody can have a look at it and give a response. Thank you. .

Oh i use Cfree compiler.

Please pose a question clear enough to be explained and demonstrated in a < 30 line, compilable example. The code should then be posted using code tags.

OK, this problem is not that hard and there are people here who can help you. However, you need to give people something to go on. For example, you say that your code doesn't work, but you don't say what it's supposed to do if it did work. It appears that your task is to perform some kind of sorting on lists of numbers using some externally defined functions. However, the files you have provided are not very complete at all, so we cannot see how to help you without just writing the whole thing for you.

Have you tried compiling any of the code that you have provided? I would guess that you get a lot of errors, so what are they? Maybe we can start from there before tackling some other problems.