I really need help with a project that I have to write for my intro to Java programming class. I have absolutely no idea what to do or how to do it. I would appreciate any help or starts on the code or maybe, just maybe, a code for this in general. It's due soon (like, tonight at midnight) and I honestly have no idea at all. :/

Here are the instructions.

For Project 5, you will use Java to read complex data from a file into an array of objects and then sort it. You will become familiar with reading from a file, creating your own classes, arrays, and a simple sorting algorithm. This project uses concepts learned through chapters 1-6 and 8.

Project 5:
You have a choice about what your final project will concern. The three options are:
- Sports team roster (softball, ultimate, soccer, or any team sport)
o Database file: Team.txt
o The file contains jersey numbers and player names

- Book collection

o Database file: Books.txt

o The file contains year published and title

- Pet store inventory

o Database file: Pets.txt

o The file contains count and type of pet

You will create a class for your project. For example, if you are doing the book collection option, your class might be "Book". The class that you create should have 2 private data fields corresponding to the data in the database file. The class must have a constructor with 2 parameters and accessor methods for each data field.

You will create a separate class that will hold your main method, a method to read the contents of the file into an array, a method list the contents of an array, and 2 sorting methods. All methods in this class can and should be "public static". The main method should look a lot like this:

Initialize array of objects
Read data from file into array
List data in array (unsorted)
Sort data alphabetically
List data in array (now sorted alphabetically)
Sort data numerically
List data in array (now sorted numerically)
End Main

The listing of the database should be formatted nicely and look something like the following:
Player Jersey Number
Daphne 55
Oliver 2
Ana 8

Thank you for any and all help.

With such a generic request, you get a generic answer:

  1. Select your project
  2. Break the code up into modules. This is where you "design" the project
  3. Write a tiny little stub for each module that just returns a tiny hard coded answer or prints a hard coded value or whatever it "should do".
  4. Write your main() to call the stubs.
  5. Loop:
    1. Test and fix until the existing code works as expected
    2. Pick one of the modules and re-write it to do more actual work. Don't forget comments. If you do only part of the work on this module, that's ok: Do the rest later.
    3. If you are having syntax or logic problems ask a specific question at DaniWeb, with real code and actual errors (if any)
  6. Until the program is finished
  7. Double check the comments for style and content
  8. Turn it in
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