Dear Sir,
i have encountered an error message mentioned above in line no 2696 &
the part of "chatting System "code is as follows:

public void run()//2696
    { synchronized(dec)

    try {while (true)
        { String message = din.readUTF ();
        System.out.println("received message from server in RUN.. "+message);
        }   // end of while
} //end of try
catch(EOFException e) {System.out.println ("catching an eof: "+e); }
catch(IOException ie )   {System.out.println ( ie );  }

} // end of sync
} // end of run
 }// end of class

pl help me in this regard


Cant see anything wrong with that code. Illegal start of expression usually comes up when you try to declare a method inside another method or you have open/close brackets in places they shouldnt be. Check for those things first and get with more code (and use the CODE tags.