A few of my friends from computer science, led by me,
are developing a MUD game. I plan to run the server from home,
and we plan to write the game in two source files.
(Yes, we are determined to do this from scratch,
without Lima or Mudscript.)

The first source file, client.cpp, needs to send text commands to the
server, containing data such as this: "command=north; user=gameplayer"
And the server responds by changing the player position on the player
file, and sending "room=northern" to user gameplayer.

Is there a command and library dealing with internet data
in C or C++?

Any help or links to helpful websites would be much appreciated,
and it would be even better if anyone would like to help
develop the game.

Yes there is, it is called sockets.

On windows you can use winsock2 just include <winsock2.h> (it is part of the standard windows API).

Search on the internet for "winsock tutorial" for further technical instructions on using the class.

Don't forget to link against ws2_32.lib or dynamically load winsock.dll .

Good Luck.

Thank you, that was incredibly helpful. I will post another reply to this topic when we have the MUD server running and the game finished.

(four to five months)

May I suggest you not necro-post and instead make a new topic?

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