quick basic printing program he wrote to print some graphs and data reports and
it is a long program. We just need the data files saved to file in the same
format that it prints in.It was set-up to print to a Epson LQ-570+ matrix
printer. Can anyone help with an easy solution to this problem?

Open the data file as #1
Change the LPRINT statements to PRINT#1,
When done CLOSE #1

Thank-you for your reply but there are probably over 100 L-PRINTS in this program
and I kinda need a more permanent fix? Possably using the spooler, or maybe I have
to insert "write to file (XYZ)" after every L-PRINT ?????? This is a very
important project and this program when printed out is 22 pages long! And
in advance THANK-YOU for any help!

We can continue to play 20 questions over the next few days -- you giving us more vague ideas of what you need, us giving fairly worthless responses because we really have no idea what you are dealing with.

To make the process go faster, try giving us a very detailed explanation of what you are trying to accomplish and post a couple segments of code illustrating what we are dealing with. Don't forget to use CODE Tags.