I am trying to build a histogram. So far I have coded the following:
from Tkinter import *

def plot(data):
numberOfBins = len(data)
root = Tk()
width, height = 200, 630 #taille de la fenetre
die = Canvas(root, width = width, height = height)
numberOfStripes = 2 * numberOfBins + 1
barWidth = width/numberOfStripes
unitHeight = 300/(max([datum[1] for datum in data]) + 2)
for i in range(numberOfBins):
(2 * i + 1) * barWidth, unitHeight,
(2 * i + 2) * barWidth, (data[1] + 1) * unitHeight,
fill = 'blue')

if __name__ == '__main__':

The problem is that the program creates 3 rectangles (which I plan to use to create my histogram) but the bars are in the opposite side (my numbers are positive but they show as if they were negative).

Also I would like to know how to name each bar.

Could someone help me with these 2 issues?


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