hi can anyone plz tell me how to create a ms-access database with table in run time
i mean i want to create a database when user run the application


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To create a database at run-time, you can't be running access, as it is a file-open type of application. You would need to have an access database containing the code too then create ANOTHER database, unless you are talking about writing a plug-in for access itself.
What are you trying to acheive from / by this?

i'm doing project in vb.net a window application i want to create a database and tables when application loads and ready to use

>i want to create a database.

Here it is.

thanks and could u tell me how to create table in that using programme

>how to create table in that using programme

Dim Cn as New OleDBConnection
Dim Cmd as New OleDBCommand

cn.ConnectionString="put_db_connection_string_of_database_you just created"
cmd.CommandText="Create table TestTable (col1 int primary key, col2 text(40))"