Hi everyone...I am at University and learning C# for my software development modules. Presently I am mostly using "Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2008" (although I find C# for dummies pretty good!).

Its always the case that some books suit people better than others and they find them easier to understand.

So my question is, which books did you find helpful and interesting, not too difficult to understand etc etc....

Looks forward to your answers


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For beginners, i recommend the Murach Books. I read the older ones but Murach's C# 2010 is the way to go.

For more advance topics and more details about how things work behind the scenes, I recommend C# 4.0 in A Nuthshell. Again, 4.0 is the newest one, and includes framework 4.0 changes, but still covers older topics as well.

Both great books.

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I'm big fan of Head First series and loved to read Murach's book but personaly I like [b]C# Nutshell[/b] and [b]Accelerated C# book[/b].

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Thanks for all your answers....great to hear from the experts in the field....

just a couple of questions...I would like to know whether it is likely there is a lot of difference if I buy the Murach 2005 version as opposed to the 2010?(im on a tight budget :-)).

the 2005 version is for the 2.0 framework. You will not learn any of the newer features in 3.5, or 4.0 framework such as Lambda's, Tuples, and many other new things. 2005 books are good, but just outdated as far as the newer technology.

Thanks for your quick reply....I believe I am a way off the things you mentioned so I will be going for the 2005..then once more advanced for the later version of the books....

good idea??


One of my friend suggest me Author "Kanetkar" for learning C# and i found it easier to understand and learning programming methods.

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