I need to make UI in C# that works with an SQL DB.
I thought piece of cake! I imported my DB files to the Visual Studio (add->existing item
->browes and add)
I dragged the tables to my Forms & there were automaticly buttons like New, Delete, Save, next record,previous record, etc...
so I was able to add rows and delete rows but then I realized I can't update rows!!
what am I supposed to do? write something in LINQ?? (I don't know linq) or write update query in SQL (how do I connect the query to the C# code)? I heard something about Dataset instead of LINQ but I can't figure out what that means either :(

ok so I'm totally lost. please help?

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I did all that already. I have the connection..the question now is how to work with it, in terms of updating existing records in the DB using sql query..or something else..


>what am I supposed to do?

What did you expect it to do? Purchase some good books and to start learning .net framework and C# language. Post the work you have done someone will help you with the places you are stuck.

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