I have been working on a text based adventure game as a project for school.
I have become very well acquainted with functions, loops, arrays, etc.
I now have to begin thinking on a senior project utilizing something we worked with this year and I love to code but I would like to take a major step up from text based adventuring in a console application and start an overhead adventure/RPG. I would provide the code of my text based adventure but it is at home and i am typing this from my school's computer.
I was able to implement a stat system, random gold loot, locked doors with events that unlock/provide items needed to unlock, being able to jump back and forth between rooms, battle damage, random battle sequences, random exp, formulated battle damage based on stats and enemy stats.

I am very interested in using this knowledge to further myself in C++ and start working on an overhead RPG. I'm not expecting to have a finished polished rip off of the Final Fantasy series by June, I simply need a playable, rough, Alpha version with even just 20 seconds of game play to show my capabilities, if there are any books, websites with tutorials, or other resources i could use i would be GREATLY appreciative if you could provide me with them.

SO now for my question, Where would be a good place to start? I'm using Bloodshed Dev C++.

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you should look for a graphics SDK to make your game playable, find one with alot of tutorials so that you have more information sources to build on

I've been trying to install Allegro but im having a hard time, any tips?
Is bloodshed the best compiler for 2D graphic game design?

i prefer visual c++ because of dark SDK, a free profession program that is easy to install, but visual c++ has some changes from true c++

You mean DarkGDK?
What problems are you having Translucentbill?
When you download new packages, and you choose allegro, there are a few versions.
For me, didn't work (invalid package file), so I got like 4.2.1 or something :)

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