hey guys,

i am trying to make a program that overloads the istream with which you can create an object by asking from the user to enter values and you can use cin>>name_of_the_object to create it.
My question is how can i ask the user to enter a certain hour of his choice e.g.
You must assume that the user will input for each value (hour,minutes,seconds) a two-digit value and the value will contain the two colons as seen in the example.
When the object will be created the colons will be ignored.

Thanks for your time.

Your question is a little fuzzy -- what kind of object do you want to create when the time is entered? Are you talking about a clock?

My question is how can i ask the user to enter a certain hour of his choice e.g.

cout << "Enter a time in the format hh:mm:ss -- " << endl;
cin >> GetTime;

thanks for the reply but the problem is how am i going to write the proper code in order to recognize the users input in the format e.g. 15:45:21 and ingore the : colon hence assign the values of hour, minutes and seconds in the proper variables.

In other words, the user is going to be asked to input a certain time e.g. 15:45:21
With the use of an overloading istream function i have to recognize from this input that contains the colons and seperate hours, minutes and seconds in order to assign them in the appropriate object set methods.

i hope i was clear.

Yes, you were clear, but I'm trying to nudge you in the right direction.

This was my suggestion:

Scan the string the user enters up until you hit a ':' then convert and repeat.

The case you are looking to avoid is where there is a single digit time (e.g., 9:03:04) because you only have 1 digit, so you need to account for that.

A std::string can be used like an array of characters.

To obtain the integer associated with a number character, subtract '0' from it (e.g., '9' - '0' = 9)

You know the place values of each of those digits so you can get their value and store it as an int.

See if that doesn't get you a bit farther and post back with your attempt.

i thought about creating an array as well but the thing is that i am using istream overlading to assign values, which means that in my driver i will ask for the user to write a time my code will be cin>>t4;

In my function definition i will have the following code:

istream& operator>>(Time &t)
  return in;

How will i assign the array values in that function?i got confused because i dont know how to manipulate streams.
If there is a way to obtain the value that is inputted by the user (only with the istream overloading) and assigned in an array i can declare a char array and perform a[0]+a[1](example only for hour) which will give me two numbers together.This numbers can be converted into int through a to i function and then somehow be assigned to the object to form the time inputted.

Any ideas how i can change the overloading function?

Keep in mind that i consider that the user will input the time in the correct format hh:mm::ss

Check into using getline with a ':' delimeter, otherwise you can do it character by character like I was suggesting before, say the user enters 12:05:15 =>

Add '1' to a temporary string, count =1, add '0' to the temporary string, count = 2. We've reached a colon, note it and stop counting.

Convert the characters to numbers and add their place values:

subtract '0' from '1' to get 1, then *10^(count-1) = 10
subtract '0' from '2' to get 2, then *10^(count-2) = 2
Add them to get 12

Scan up to the next colon doing the same thing. The advantage of your situation is that you know that there are only 2 digits in between colons, so your multiples of 10 are always going to be the same.