I want to now how to start learning C/C++ programming in my pc.
means there is a problem with installation of normal turbo c in my computer.
it is not working.

So what software i have to install?
From where i can download it?
Is there any C++ software that support vista and windows 7.

I studied the language in school but not have deep knowledge.
as a beginner tell me the simple thing to start.



That video has the Visual C++ Express Edition featured, which is a great IDE with a very good debugger. Another option is Code::Blocks which comes with the mingw port of the gcc. That IDE has integrated support for the gnu debugger (gdb).

Turbo C is a dog that's had its day.

Turbo C is a dog that's had its day.

does that mean i should just concentrate on programs in Visual C++, or just C++ for instance?

It's the best idea for the sake of portability to use a compiler that adheres as closely to the standard as possible. Turbo C/C++ does not (as it arrived prior to the ISO standard, which was established in 1998). Turbo C/C++ can be a 16 bit compiler (I don't remember which version is) which among other things means that you are restricted to a smaller memory model.

Along with Visual C++ (one of the more recent implementations) there is the Gnu Compiler Collection, which includes g++ to compile C++ (or the equivalent mingw port for Windows)

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gcc and g++ are my favorites. I've heard good things about Visual Studio.