Design and write Pseudocode for the following problems.
1. Display the table from one to ten for a number that is entered by the user from keyboard. The program should keep on asking for number and displaying tables until user presses escape key from keyboard.
2. The program should display the grade for a student whose marks are entered from keyboard. The display criteria is as follows; if marks are below 60 the student is fail (F), if marks are between 60 and 64 the student has achieved C, if between 65 and 69 then C+, if between 70 and 74 then B, if between 75 and 79 then B+ and if above eighty then the student has achieved A grade.
3. Find out the procedure for calculating GPA of a semester result and write an algorithm for its calculation where a user can enter grades from keyboard and the program will calculate CGPA and display it on screen.
4. Write the output from the following pseudocode;
SET i=1
SET j=2
IF (i/j) remainder after division is equal 0 THEN
UNTIL (i<10)

I have to submit this assignment tomorrow please help in that it would be great help thanx

For one thing, you can't expect immediate responses to a forum post. Sometimes it happens, but that's not the norm, it usually takes a while. You bumped in less than an hour.

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Since I can't post the answer, I'll just give you a little help.. :)
You're going to use a loop statement here.. I suggest you use while and for loop for this program..
the while statement is for escape key.
and the for loop is for the table and the user inputs..

The header files to use?
iostream, conio.h or stdlib.h, iomanip and string (for student name)
it's up to you now! I did my part! good luck! :)
Just try to read the whole problem again.. write pseudocodes or do flow charts first before coding the solution.. :)


I'll try to help you..

1) what kind of tables you want if it is of multiplication
u should use a while loop[while(number != #)] give a symbol which can end the loop
when the user want, then calculate the result and output the result in table shap.

2)use [switch(grade/10)] and [case 8:] output "A", [case 7] output "B" and so on.. or use if..else statment.

3)I dont know how to calculate the GPA..^^..

4)its easy you just change it to codes..

Good Luck..^^..

I'm glad I had helped you. :)