How do I save the information from each activation of the code inside the loop. I decided to try this a different way. I also need to know how to create colums in a lable if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Copy of the For Next loop below:

For countInteger As Integer = 0 To 3

            seatsSoldInteger = ticketDetail(countInteger).seatsSoldInteger
            costDecimal = ticketDetail(countInteger).costDecimal
            totalTicketSalesDecimal = ticketDetail(countInteger).totalCostDecimal

            totalTicketSalesDecimal = seatsSoldInteger * costDecimal

            SalesSummaryForm.SumInfoLabel.Text = ticketDetail(countInteger).sectionString & vbCrLf & _
            ticketDetail(countInteger).seatsSoldInteger & vbCrLf & ticketDetail(countInteger).totalCostDecimal

            overAllSalesDecimal += totalTicketSalesDecimal
        Next countInteger

I am sorry, but I guess I picked the wrong place to try and get some help understanding where I am having my problems. No one here seem to be able to answer the questions I posted. I ask that who ever the admin is for this board is to please remove my threads and posts and delete my account. This has become one of the most useless places I have ever tried to get help from.