Hello ^^

I have been working on this for a long while now, I have added a Windows media player that I hide in the Background of my application window(form) . and lets say its named "Player"

Player. "WHAT" = gets me the Original length of the Audio file being played ?

I tried something .something. duration ... but that gets where the player is actually is .

that's for the first request.

as for the second. when I want a certain file I want to be ready to be deployed and ready to be used anywhere, is there a way to import the audio I'm using into the project rather than going "C:\.....etc" ... cause lets face it ... it wouldn't be on the "C\:...etc" when I deploy it and use it else where.

Hope I made everything clear and simple.

Thank you ya'll !

Have you tried Player.currentMedia.durationString()?

does the same thing, it just tells me where am I , I want something that gives me the actual duration or length of the Audio file so I can check when its done.

how about the deployment problem ... ?

Have you tried Player.currentMedia.durationString()?

aaaaah, that works perfectly now ^^; thanks ...

^^ thanks :) :) :) :) :)