hye everybody....
can u tell me, What is the code of "Towers of hanoi" using Iteration in C++....????
plzzzzz reply quickly.....

commented: Learn to aks a question WITH code, so that we can help you. We won't do all your work... +0
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I see that you have went out of your way to captivate us with your innovative post and well written description of your problem. However, despite your exhaustive efforts to ask a smart question, I am still curious.. how much of your homework assignment have you completed thus far? Please, by all means, enlighten us with your prowess of the c++ language. We would all love to see the all the effort you have put into your project. Then, and only then, will we offer improvments, suggestions, and other forms of high quality c++ code (free of charge.)

I will ask some questions that should help you solve your problem--if you answer them.

Here are the first three questions:

1) How many different moves are possible from the starting position?

2) Once you have made the first move, how many different moves are possible from the position that results?

3) More generally, how many different moves are possible from an arbitrary position? How does that number depend on the nature of the position?

When you have answered these three questions correctly, I will ask some more questions. If you cannot answer them, that means that you do not understand the problem well enough to begin solving it.