Hi All,

My first post here so here it goes...

I am trying to do what I think should be a simple task but I cant seem to wrap my head around how to do it - any advice or help would be greatly received.

I am tring to do the following:

  • Load an image in to a form (the easy bit)
  • Click the image to place a 'dot' or marker over the image where I had just clicked it (there will be more than one 'dot' needed)
  • Then at that time, be able to click the 'dot' to open a new form
  • I will also need to be able to load the 'dots' back in at a later date for reviewing

Thats the basic function I am looking create, I have done my home work with Google but can't seem to find a good tutorial or example to follow.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


You could use a picture box (or panel, or other simple control) of height=1,width=1 as the 'dot' placed at the location clicked.

Attach to the Click event for the 'dot' control to run the form open action.

When saving the points, just iterate through the form.Controls collection and get the Location property of all the 'dot' controls.