I need help with my python project. I am supposed to draw something "cool" that includes loops, variables, if-statements, modules, etc. Some ideas given are to draw snails, constellations, a face, daffodils, etc.

Anyone help please?

Anyone help please?

What kind of help do you want? Ideas? Code?

A code would be great, thank you.

You're kidding, hm? Do you really want one of us to do your work? Hey, it's your project ;) Show us what you have done so far, and if you have specific questions we will (try to) help you.

A while back I wrote a little snippet about turtle graphics, just to introduce people to the fact that it exists within Tkinter. It simply draws a bunch of shifted squares that could form some kind of graphical art. Take a look at it and experiment with your own design:

Thank you vegaweb, I didn't expect all my work done. I just needed some inspiration.

hey, i have to turtle graphics as well, its jus that, i have to use borland...n iunno where to start :(

Google will be your friend here, just look under C and Turtle graphics or Logo.

Logo is definitely a neat little language. I introduced it to my nieces last week using KTurtle, and they loved it!

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