I have been using qbasic programs with Windows XP with no problems, of over a year. I use Automatic update to stay current on all the security patches. Now, when I try to run Qbasic I get this message:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "Close" to terminate the application.

Both "Close" and Ignore do the same thing ---- abort.

What happened... and how do I correct it?


Simple Solution, that file was removed probually when u removed some spyware and or a virus. All you have to do is re-download it and put it into your Windows/System32 folder, a download link can be found through google, or you can get the file off your windows CD. I had this same problem and i just googled it and Qbasic Ran fine.

Same thing happened to me. But with VB6. BUT, I put the file in system 32, and it still doesnt work. Same error messege too.

So Im stuck using Visual Studio 2005. Very cool though. Actually, why Do I care, 2005 is better anyway?

Well, just saying for all those other people that had the same problem as me.

Sounds like greedy Microsoft trying to keep people from using stuff they already own.

:cheesy: Here I've built a simple program that installs an autoexec.nt script into your system32 folder it will allow any DOS programs to run under Windows XP as far as I know of
Here is the Link


Download DOSWINXP - Fix