hi guys...actually m in deep trouble.i have to make projct in turbo C.
but i dont have any time left.Can ny1 help me.
can ny1 send me projct so dat i cant lose my marks.
plz help meee...

commented: We are not here to do your project +0
commented: Fail -1

We are not here to do your homework. Post all your code and maybe we can help.

@alexchen..i know no1 is here for that.But i dont have time left thats why i m asking.

@kamatari..not yet..!!!
bt i am thinking of making a game and it will surely take time.
our teachers has informed us about dis project at the last moment.

@kamatari..not yet..!!!
bt i am thinking of making a game and it will surely take time.
our teachers has informed us about dis project at the last moment.

If the teachers dumped this project on the class 'at the last moment' then I expect the class and yourself will have to 'do the best you can'.

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Be honest --
When did he dump it on you?
When is it due?

@waltp...they told us in mid dec...
v have to submit the synopsis before 31 dec bt no last date for its submission is decided..

i think i have to work hard.
Do me 1 favour... can u guys help me in giving ideas..i mean what kind of topic should i choose?

Without knowing you, your ability in C and the sciences, or your class, I don't see how we can be of much help.

The start must come from you! Look at things on sourceforge.net, and google up other idea's for a project, as well. Talk to your classmates, etc. What kind of projects have people in your level and school, done in the past? What are you interested in?

Get on it. We can help you with the code, but the initial idea -- no. Only you know yourself, and your instructor, and what kinds of things would be acceptable.

>Do me 1 favour...
Not only will I do you a favor, it'll be the single best favor you'll ever receive. I'm going to let you bomb this assignment. Then you'll learn that nobody is going to bail you out, that you should only rely on yourself, and you should expect the consequences of failure rather than a Hail Mary from people who couldn't give two shits about your marks.

You sat on your laurels for half a month (a timeframe that I commonly finish full projects in, much less synopses) and totally deserve to suffer because of it. Don't expect sympathy from any of us, because you're not likely to get it.

commented: Now that's tough. :-) +1

The easiest game that I can think of is wheel of fortune. I'm assuming that your teacher wants console application. Create a text that contains several common phrases. Upon start up of the program a phrase is selected at random. Then the user is prompted to guess the phrase. Well, something like that anyways. I hope that sets you in the right direction. Also, youtube the show wheel of fortune, so that you get a better idea.

may be u al are right.i have just wasted my time.
i believe in myself nd prove it.

@adak..i m in college doing computer engineering and have a good hand in programming.
i just think of making balloon shooting game.if u have better idea u r most welcome.

@lvl99..thanks for the advice

Well, I hope you started. It's the 27th, giving you 4 days to complete this task. Here are some hints: remove all distractions. Nothing is worse than you looking away from your code to check your test messages, facebook, or what have you. Every once in awhile, take a break. Stretch, relaxing, whatever you need to do (but don't take too long). I often find that when I am refreshed, I can scan my code for what ever error I continually missed while feeling like a zombie.

And try not to look at the clock too much.