Hi to all;

I have chat's code with JAVA language, and it contains 14 files.
I try to do compile to them in (command line prompt).
by :
1. javac (NameOfFile).java
2. rmic (NameOfFile)
3. javac (NameOfFile2)
And only 4 file can I compile .ChatClient.java , RMIChatServer.java , RMIChatClient.java and TCPChatMessageTypes.java.

In additional , I can not send a message from client to server by:
1. (at server): java (NameOfFile)
2. (at client): java (NameOfFile2)<server’s address> 3232 <message text>

The codes in the link :


Please post your code using the code tags
We lost the "pedagogic" approach of this site if viewers have to dowload your code

Mister pbl sorry for that,
But the code is very long, and I expected that not good represent all the code..

this only reason for what I don't put the code directory

and my question ,in other word, What is the correct order of commands?

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