This may not be the best location for this thread, but it's 5 am, I've been working on this for almost a day and a half straight, and I'm pure stumped.

For a custom MS Access .mdb program, the database properties are locked out. In order to fix the database (the programmer left the company and won't be reached, the putz) I need to be able to do that. I've tried moving all the forms, reports and tables to a new database, but they all depend on a macro called, appropriately enough, "PCMurphy". So my question is:

a)How do you find a hidden macro in an mdb file, and
b)if I just can't find it ever, how can I concisely find all the references to it--so that I can write a new macro to replace it?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Steelchords,

In order to see hidden objects in a database, even for importing, do the following:
Menu "Tools/Options"
Tab "View"
Check "Hidden Objects" and, possibly, "System Objects"

In order to find all references to a specific object, even in stored queries and cotrol properties of forms and reports you will find a great utility called "Find and Replace 9.0" at
It is not free but we used it where I worked and it saves a ton of time.

Hope this helps



have you tried holding the shift key when starting the DB? to keep the macro from running.

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