Dear Friends,

Am using inifile management,want to read and update ini files, for this am using properties class methods (below). but settings in ini files are changed while am updating,

properties.put(writeIDName, writeData);

please tell me how we can update inifile with out affecting the exisiting content in ini file,if i use ini4j, there has method to read, i doknow how to update it?

ini4j is a good library to work on ini files.
You can use following code sample to add a value in the existing ini file,

//New Ini instance
Ini ini = new Ini();

//Load the ini file
File file = new File("test.ini");
ini.load(new FileReader(file));

//adds a new value
ini.add("Section", "Opt1", "Value1");

//Stores the modified Ini instance to file;