Would anybody know what a Linker is. I understand it is to in some way bring together the Implementation, header and Main.cpp files though is that part of the compiling process. I'm using Dev C++. How would I construct a separate implementation file and header file from main and use a linker to bring them together. Is a linker built into dev?

Thanks very much.

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In Dev create a c++ project then just add all the *.c and *.cpp files to it that you want. Dev-C++ will do all the rest for you, you don't have to do a thing.

But I would suggest you replace Dev-C++ with Code::Blocks because Dev-C++ is old and has not been updated for quite a few years not.


Thanks very much for the reply, though do you know what a Linker is and when would I use it?


The linker puts all the *.obj and *.lib files together to make the *.exe file. You don't normally have to use it yourself -- IDEs such as Dev-C++, Code::Blocks and VC++ will call the linker for you. You only have to be concerned about linkers if you compile from command-line without use of an IDE.

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