I'm currently developing a screensaver for Windows. I am curious as to how I can get my screensaver to display in the little screensaver selection window in the Control Panel under Personalization. Is it in the Registry or something? Or am I going to have to contact Mr. Bill himself to figure this out?

Take a look at this page (as this is what i think you are looking for)


To answer your question directly:

Your screensaver needs to handle a command line option, in this case /P (as in Preview)

Good luck and i'm curious too of what you're making...

Thanks guys!


pretty much cleared it up for me.

The idea I had was a simple RTS that would play itself. :) I'm pretty stoked.

By the way, I apologize for posting this in the C++ section but that's the language I'm using... and I'm new here. Silly me! I'll know better next time. :)