Hi VB .NET experts,
I was wondering if you could give me some help. I am planning to write a simple program which reads two binary files and apply a simple math function ((file1-file2)/(file1+file2)) then outputs the file (file3). Then the user selects the file (file3) outputted as an input and the program again reads the file and apply another math function ((file3 - 0.2) / (0.5 - 0.2)) to it then output the final file (file4).

I would like to eliminate the user input or at least minimize the user input. In other words, the user should execute the program once at the beginning and the program should do the rest.

Basically there will be 2 form applications in my program. I want to make it automatic in a way that the program will select two files itself (the user should not select) then output the result and then takes that as an input and applies math function etc.

My problem is that I do not know how to start the second form application after the first program ends because the second form application inputs the file which was outputted by the first form application. I just hope that I could explain what I would like to do.

I would appreciate for any help.

I don't think that you need two forms (windows) because as you said that "user should not select".

Create a method/function which open two files (file1 and file2), do some math operation on data, save first result into file3 and also apply next maths formula to populate new result and save it to file4.

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