could u tell me plz how we can Radio Button in different location as wel as in image atachment.Below i attached the code u can see this!

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Do not make it as single form. As you can see from attached image it is combination of multiple layouts. So break it down to the sections that will be easier to manage, build them and at the end combine this section to single item

Actually your question has nothing specific to RadioButton it will be the same for any component. As peter_budo mentionned, you have probably a lot of different layouts in that application.
Which one gives you the problem ? Which RadioButton is not a the good place ?
Post the code for that particular button.

emm, he has attach his source code guys...

emm, he has attach his source code guys...

That is fine, but it is not our job to go through code and look for ourself what section is problematic. We do not like people just drop the code on the forum "and there you go, solve it for me..."

Hmm, that's true I think. I agree with you. :)

As I asked, which one is your problem ? And at which line in your code ?

where i set the radioButton in front of text in first line.if u can help in first line?

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