Hello, I am trying to read some words from section in an INI file.

Then putt hem into a vector of a section vector,

This is the struct and class def

struct  elgbotsections_t
	char name[30];
	vector <string> phrase;

class ElgbotManager
		char * filename;

		ElgbotManager( ) { }
		~ElgbotManager( ) { }

		qboolean Initialize( );
		vector <elgbotsections_t> elgbotsections;

then i try to fill the elbotsections like so:

//each section
	char *sections[]={
//just to mess witht he int to str
	char buffer [33];

//for each section
	for(section = 0;section <= 4; section++)
//elgkey should be named elgsection 

//make a section and set its name to the section name
		elgbotsections_t elgkey;
		strcpy(elgkey.name, sections[section]);

//for each key in that section
// set a key in the vector of strings
		for(i = 1;i <= 25; i++)
			itoa (i,buffer,10);

			strcpy (key,"word" );

			strcat (key, buffer );

			feedback = settings.ReadString(sections[section],key,NULL);
//make a string and add it to the phrase vector (vector of strings)
				string skey;
//now add this section vector to the list of section.


now to test it worked ok...i tried printing them

void ElgbotManager::print( )
	long i;

	long o;
	for(i =0; i <= elgbotsections.size(); i++);

		elgbotsections_t l;

//this following line CRASHES
	        l = elgbotsections.at(i);

//without trying to access the at...it works..
// .size appears to be 1 section with 1 key
// from the prints "section"

//from the INI it should be at least 2 sections 
// and 2nd having 3 words.

		log( "section");


		for(o=0;o <=l.phrase.size(); o++);
//not close to working yet
log( "--key");
			//log(l.phrase.at(o).c_str()  );


the INI file

word1=You Killed


printing the feedback from the sections and keys works fine...i get my INI from each section and key. so i know the data is there...just not filling the vectors

so my question is, it keeps crashing as soon as i try to access the .at...i have no idea how to set this up correctly?

for(i =0; i <= elgbotsections.size(); i++);

You have a rogue semicolon here that should be removed, it's causing the loop to run to completion without doing anything, then when you try to access the vector, i is out of bounds. Also, it should be i < elgbotsections.size() . You presently have an off-by-one error.

Thank You very very much Narue. You beautiful beautiful person!