Good evening Everyone

My VS is behaving n an unnormal way. I have 9 Project in a Solution and i have set one of the Projects as a Startup Project and created a Setup project, after i Built it to create an exe, The Project that gets Started is not the one that i set as a Startup. The Strange this is that the Project that start is the first in the list(Solution Explorer). i rebuilt the Setup Project but still no luck. I went to the Solutions Properties and i made Sude that the Project is Selected as a Startup object, but still my Project is not selected as a Startup

What is Wrong :(

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right click on the project and click set as startup project

also might want to try restarting visual studio

Thanks for the Reply. I think i tried it and it does not work. the Strange thing is that when i run the Project it shows the Correct Project that i have set as a Startup in VS, but the Strange thing is that after i comppile the Setup Project , it Shows the First Project that is in the Solution Explorer.

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