I have searched on the internet before, but cannot get a suitable tool.
I found tools to profile jdbc performance, gc statistics, but no some obvious tool to measure the time spent in each statement.

I would like found which statements are spending the most of the time of my app in my company. However, I cannot install anything on the server of my company, can I still measure the time?

Usually we develop the program in eclipse first, then we move the progame to the linux server. I can install app for eclipse. Or if JVM provide someway to do this profiling, I would be pleased and thankful to know about that.

Thank you all.

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By statements do you mean "code"? If yes, then JProfiler which is included with JDK 6 can be used for CPU profiling and at the end of the run gives the total time taken by each method till now. Search around for CPU profiling JProfiler.

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