Face recognition using Two Webcam with OpenCV

I am very new in OpenCv, and I am trying to use 2 USB webcams with OpenCV,
so can anybody help me how I can start this and understand it in short time.

best regards,

How much do you know about openCV?? Because this is not that easy to be accomplished yet not that hard either, but don't expect to do it quickly.

One more thing, one camera mostly suffices to do face recognition, can you explain why you need to use two cameras???

There's a really short example program for reading from one camera on the Willow Garage wiki. (It's at the top of the page, and is all on one line for some reason, so you'll have to reformat it to actually understand it in any way!) Maybe give that a go and try to adapt it for a second camera. Although, you'd have to have a good reason to want to use two cameras, are you trying to create a depth perception?

Thank you my friends for your helping, am really just beginner in openCV, I want to use two cameras in my class lecture to attendance students from different two positions.
Am look forward more of your help.

Hello need your help on my project with opencv face recognition and visual studio 2010, I really am very new to this ..

Am really sorry Mr. David,
but I promise if I get any code about it I'll send it, also you, if you don't mind,
if you get any code for me please let me know,