Simple Code lookup to get Description

I have a static list of Street Type Abbreviations and their associated Street Type Descriptions: RD to Road. I have the complete list needed. There are 37 elements in the list - 37 Street Type Abbreviations with their associated Descriptions. The lookup will only happen once. The input lookup field is in a single field: stType. Not trying to get fancy. but what is the best approach? Dictionary, List, two dimensional array, etc. Started with Dictionary but the .Add was getting redundant. Two dimensional array let me initialize the values, but searching an old school loop. What do you think?

I will prefer to have this info in a dataset having 2 fields ( and Keys if needed)
Tha dataset can be persisted (saved) and loaded from disk when needed.

Also, you can update (add, remove, modify) the records easely using the XMLNotepad (from Microsoft).

Using a datasetview can help to find the answer, or you can cile over the records to show in a list view; also you can set the dataset as source for it, for a listbox or for a combobox, etc.

Hope this helps
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