Well, started my new Computer Science class, and already having trouble. Well, firstly I needed JDK, so Installed the JDK-6u23-windowsx64.exe. After that, I needed to install Textpad, which my teacher said all students will use for assignments.

Here's the problem, after installing textpad, I had to go - Configure - preferences - tools, and add the SDK programs, which consist - Complile Java, RunJava Application, and Run Java Applet. After clicking add though, the options of SDK commands aren't there. I have no clue what to do, as I followed my instructors guide and still doesn't work. I look into the java files, and there are know sdk commands to use. Normally, the SDK commands is one of the options in the add menu of textpad, but does not show.

So any idea what I should do? I already rebooted my computer after installing JDK6, and then installing textpad, but nothing. Using WIndows 7 64os Much appreciated

Ok, I solved it lol. I had to go to computers - preferences - advance settings - environmental settings and change my path. And voila, fixed.