I am doing a program for my computer programming class and it starts out as. I use Bluej for programs too

import TerminalIO.KeyboardReader;

when i compile it, it says package TerminalIo does not exisat. Does anybody know what is wrong with this i need it fixed soon. Below is a screen shot of just that part.

Thank you for whoever helps me

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But you have answered your own question in your thread title. It does not exist. It is not a standard java package. Whoever is teaching you java must have told you this.

One simple way to accept input from a user is the Scanner class. Which is an actual …

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Stay away from third parties software to do some basic operations like this one.
Is your TerminalIO .jar file in your PATH variable ?
If not, BlueJ must have, as all other IDE do, a place where you can specify external .jar to use.
But as Akill10 mentionned, better to stay 100% pure vanilla Java

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