I am very new to this and i really need some help :cry:

Objective: Understanding of static data types (arrays), traversals, searching and insertion into arrays.

Description: In this assignment, you will create a game similar to that of 'Wheel of Fortune'. While the show itself lacks any real worth (I heard a comedian say the contestants were fascinated by shiny objects), programming WoF is non-trivial. It relies heavily on arrays, as you will see!

Background: You should know how to declare arrays, and how to use a loop to traverse the array. You'll need that for sure when printing the array! Also, remember that you can initialize arrays in the following manner:

char phrase [] = {'b', 'o', 'b', ' ', 'w', 'a', 's', ' ', 'h', 'e', 'r', 'e'};

and then count the number of characters (including spaces) that are in the array.

Most of the functions that you write will take in one or more arrays, and their sizes. This way you can traverse through the array easily.

The basic implementation is to have your 'phrase' array, and an array of booleans, list, of the same size. When the user guesses a character, traverse both arrays. If the character the users guessed matches the phrase array at slot s, the list[s] = true. This way, when you print out your phrase, you will know whether or not that slot should be printed. (Another way would be to keep track of each letter guessed, and have a function that returns true or false as to whether or not that character should be printed). There are several ways to implement this program, so just pick something that makes sense and go with it!

Requirements: This is one of the few times you will be allowed to hard-code your program. Make sure you declare your arrays in the main function, and pass them to functions as needed. I don't want to see any function over 15 lines of code! This will force you to think about modularity. And don't think that you can cram all of your code on one line to get under the 15 lines... we won't fall for it!

Just guessing, but are you using C/C++ for this? What kind of help do you need? What's not making sense? I don't mind helping with homework as long as it looks like you've made an attempt at it first.


I am very new to this and i really need some help :cry:

Please read the Announcement.

Post an attempt.

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