Please help me debug this.
Ive used a permutation generator class as a dll file.
Its not loading.

Please help me.

Main Project:


I had some problems with strings and stringbuilders. It would be nice if someone could suggest a better solution after seeing my code.


Your problem seems to be twofold, but related to the same thing:

Both solutions are named the same thing. When I pulled them down, it renamed the folder for one of them (the DLL project) to "PermutationGenerator.1". However, when I looked in the "References" item for the main project, you were referencing the .EXE in the current project, not the DLL from the DLL project. Even when I corrected the reference and pointed to the DLL in the other project, since the assembly names were the same (but the Public Key tokens are different), it wouldn't load the DLL.

I would recommend (this worked on my system with your code) to create a new "main" project (I called mine "PermTest"), and move your form code into it. Add a reference to the DLL in the other project, and the DLL should load.

However, in the final part of your DLL call (line 70 of Class1.cs), it hung there when I ran it - so you need to look at that. I used the wod "Test" as my input string.

Good luck!

Thanks bro.
I sorted my problem out. I resolved the name of the dll file.
Then I had used streamwriter directly. So everytime, i wanted to store a permutation, a new file was created. So previous permutations were lost.

So I created a filestream with a file mode and wrapped the stream writer around it. This sorted out the whole mess.

Thank you very much!!!

Here is the source file. Would be glad to receive constructive Criticism.

PS: OMG. Why do I need to use a file?? I can store each permutation in an ArrayList. I forgot about this. Anyway, im not gonna touch this source file. It will be useful in future.

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