hi to everyone , i have to make a program in jav which will fulfill following conditions.

first of all, i have to make a any alphabet by free hand drawing like
in ms-paint there is a pencil so by using that suppose i am writing a ,b,c or anything now this file will be named as pic.bmp

now i have to take this file as a input in my java program,
and my program should detect what is written in the file and give the exact representation of that alphabet using gui in java.

can....... please............. anyone give me the idea to make this program

thanks glamo

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Curious, does your solution have to have the entire alphabet in a single pic.bmp file? If not it's actually a pretty easy solution. You could use an associative array (follow this example) where the key is the alpabet letter and the value is the path to the image for that letter. You could then go through your supplied text and pass each character into the get() method for the array and the returned image path onto your GUI (not sure what you're using for output so I wont assume).

Let me know if that helps out at all.

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