This filtering concerns of mine have been bothering me. I hope you guys will not get irritated because I have another one.

My client wants that my table be filtered based on the values from a field regardless of its order.

Example: I want to search for a student whose surname is 'Thomas' but the keyword is not the first in the field. The 'Surname' field, instead, contains the value "Ian Thomas".

If I am going to use this code;

bindingsource.filter = "surname Like '" & textbox1.text & "'"

It will base the searching on the first characters of the field only. I hope you got what I mean here.

Hi.. Do somthing like this

Dim filter() As String
        filter = Me.TextBox1.Text.Split(" ")

        BindingSource.Filter = "surname like '" & filter(0) & "' or surname like '" & filter(1) & "'"