I created an XML file that will hold the latest news and stories, and trying to display it now in my HTML file using Javscript (I scrapped XSLT, as it altered the CSS styling and alignments compared to the other pages and couldn't work my way around that).

So, my question, is it possible to store an image link in the XML file then use Javascript to bring it up in the HTML page?

I tried a few resources but none have worked.
If you have a few spare moments, please help! :)

Thanks in advance.

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I understand XML doesn't read binary. So if i convert the image with a Base64 encoder and place that in my XML file. Is there a way I can have javascript (or XML) decode it and display it using javascript (in a table).

But I basically just want to store the link of the image in the XML, and then have Javascript take that link from the XML file and display it on the HTML. Should be pretty straight forward, but have played with it a lot and nothing has worked!

Please help!

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I need to know how to do this as well. I need to bring in an image using javascript form the xml file that has the url or location of the image. How do I do this?

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