Hello i have to say i am new to programming for safety sake, i did take a computer programming class in high school but the teacher talked like the clear eyes guy and it was difficult not to fall asleep. Anyway i've always had an interest, and my goal right now is to make a metronome. I'm going to be starting off with the yabasic interpreter just to get the feel of things, i would however like some information on writing code for the metronome i would like to make. For instance, can it be done with Yabasic or is there another language that i would have to use? Any info regarding the basics would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Here is a tutorial you can start out with. Hope it helps. BTW I've never used that so I will not be able to help you with it.

what i did as a starting project was to write a program to open itunes and play a selected song then i bound it to a hotkey so anywhere i was on my computer i was no more than 3 keystrokes from freebird. for a beginer it is much harder to implement a audio player, although you could use the system beep