I face a problem in combo box item selected and i don't understand what should i written actually i want that if combobox1 .items=1 then it show the value from table where its match then1 and else if value 2 then it show all the value which match with 2 and so so what coding should i use ? kindly tell me coding in linq to sql
there are two items in combobox1 which change often
i want that according to combobox 1 items the combo box 2 items fill but problem is that combobox 1 item changed and so i don't give the value to combobox selected item 1 in hard code

so i want that combobox 2 fill according to changing items in comobox1and the items come in combo box 1 from other table and combobox 2 from other table

kindly tell me coding in linq to sql class

If a data table is the data source for the first combo, the selected item is a data row of the source data table.

Is another data table is the source for the second combo, to change the contents of second combo box, you need to set the data source to a new data table view that will use the info, from the selected item in the first combo, to filter the data in the second data table. Then refresh the second combo to show the new info.

Linq can be used to manually loan data into the second combo, but, IMO, using a data table view is more understandable and, depending on the size, even faster.

Hope this helps