Hi All

I know it is possible to use the internal system speaker to generate sound.


System.Console.Beep(500, 500)

However i was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible and how to go about using said system speaker to speak - MESSAGE YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED - for example

I am creating an app that allows admin access via a usb key (this is working fine) and i want their system to sound an alarm with a warning message should they try to force thier way into the admin section without the admin usb key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Lolafuertes

but i kind of hoped to be able to use some clever code - to be able to say something like

system.concole.speech.speak("YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED")

i have been able to get the system to talk through a vba macro in excel before but that also used the main speaker rather than the internal system speaker.

Thanks anyway.
Also thanks for your help on my other thread - you code idea was very useful.. and guided me nicely to my final solution.

The internal system speaker can't really do that. You are pretty much limited to beeping from it. Any type of pitch modulation/etc that you can't do in .NET would probably have to be done via some C or Assembly language module, if you can even access that in Window.s