i would like to put some icons over desktop and these launch apps. It's necessary to use xlib with python, and i'm lost.
thanks in advanced

It is not clear whether you want to run a Python program that will populate icons which will then run other Python programs as subprocesses of the main program, or you want to launch desktops apps with the icon and use Python to generate those icons for some reason. Why do you have to use icons? Would a simple button layout that would launch programs work just a well? If so, what GUI toolkits are you familiar with. A small snippet of code would help.

Yes, I want to run a Python program that will populate icons on the desktop which will then run other apps. I have a debian linux and, for example, I want an icon for launch GIMP. And I want to do this with a python program using only xlib without pygtk, or so: only python + xlib. I did it with pygtk, but I don't want to use GTK librairies. I need maximal independence from TCL, GTK+ and so.
From now I have got it, but I have two problems (or more!):
- I draw the icon inside a windows, I did a transparent background, but I don't know how to hide the borders and title bar (I thought about icon inside a windows for more facilities with the events ┬┐is it a good idea?)
- and:
im = Image.open(self.nameicon)
with put_pil_image I don't get transparencies, only works fine with JPGs icons, and I don't understand put_image method.

I suppose really I don't need windows for to have a pixmap on the desktop, but probably I'll have problems with events?. I only need typical icons events.

Thanks a lot for your help.