Good Afternoon,

I'm having problems with a program that I have to do for school. It deals with pointType class and the main program section.

The details of what the program should do are the following:

Define and implement a class poinType that implements a point (x,y). The class pointType should have two data
members to store the x- and y-coordinates, as well as the following function members:
a) Function setPoint, to set the x- and y-coordinates.
b) Function print, to print the x- and y-coordinate.
c) Functions getX and getY, to get the values of the x- and y-coordinates.
d) Default constructor and constructor with parameters.
(These functions and constructors must all have the appropriate parameters.)

So far I have this information of the class in the header file

class pointType
    void setPoint(double xcord, double ycord);
    void print ();
    double getX (double, double);
    double getY (double, double);
    pointType ();                                       // Default constructor
    pointType (double xcord = 0, double ycord = 0);     // Constructor with parameters

    double x;
    double y;

In the cpp file I have this information

#include <iostream>
#include "ass1.h"

using namespace std;

pointType::pointType(double xCord, double yCord)
    setPoint(xCord, yCord);

    x = 0;
    y = 0;
int main()

    pointType   p1(3.1,5.2); // Declaring point 1
    pointType   p2(0,0);    //Declaring point 2
    double      x, y;

    //printing coordinates of point 1
    cout<<"Coordinates of point 1 are: ";

    //printing coordinates of point 2
    cout<<"Coordinates of point 2 are: ";

    //requesting new coordinates for point 2
    cout<<"Enter new coordinates for point 2\n";
    cout<<"x-coordinate: ";
    cin >> x;
    cout<<"\ny-coordinate: ";
    cin >> y;
    cout <<endl;

    //assign new coordinates to point 2

    //printing coordinates of point 2 using getX and getY functions
    cout<<"Coordinates of point 2 are: ";
    cout <<"(" << p2.getX() <<"," << p2.getY() << ")\n";

    cout<<"Good bye." << endl;

    return 0;

void pointType::setPoint(double x, double y)
    cout << "Enter the x coordinate of point 1: " << endl;
    cin >> x;
    cout << "Enter the y coordinate of point 1: " << endl;
    cin >> y;
    cout << "Enter the x coordinate of point 2: " << endl;
    cin >> x;
    cout << "Enter the y coordinate of point 2: " << endl;
    cin >> y;
void pointType::print()

    cout << "The coordinates of point 1 are: ";
    cin >> x >> y;
    cout << endl;
    cout << "The coordinates fo point 2 are: ";
    cin >> x >> y;

 double pointType::getX(double p1, double p2)
    cout << "The x coordinate for point 1 is: ";
    cin >> x;
    cout << "The x coordinate for point 2 is: ";
    cin >> x;

double pointType::getY(double p1, double p2)
    cout << "The y coordinate for point 1 is: ";
    cin >> y;
    cout << "The y coordinate for point 2 is: ";
    cin >> y;

I would really appreciate if someone could give me some guidance in the project, I'm taking computer science for the first time, so I'm not highly incline in programming.

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It looks ok, a few minor things I don´t understand - like why do you ask for coordinates of two different points in the setPoint function?

Do you´ve any specific questions?



erikandr you are right, the setPoint function should onlu ask for 1 point coordinates which would be (x, y) coordinates for the point. In the header file I get the warning ass1.h(14): warning C4520: 'pointType' : multiple default constructors specified
and in the cpp file get the following warnings:
error C2660: 'pointType::getX' : function does not take 0 arguments
error C2660: 'pointType::getY' : function does not take 0 arguments

I really appreciate your help.

thank you


Please post your modified code (since we don't know what changes you made in the interim) with code tags [code] //code goes here [/code]

Bear in mind that what your have specified in the class declaration (up at the top) must match the method definitions (the functions below).

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