How could I login to HostMonster, then go to the Remote MySQL and add IP address?

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I can give someone some money if anyone can help.

You need a correct connection string to the server. I will guess:
this is a default connection string type:

you can see you need 4 different data, fill them in and you can access to user db on hostMaster.
As simple as that.

I can connect to the db without a problem, but to connect to it the ip needs to be entered of teh user.

HostMonster restricts access to the DB by IP address. Localhost is always allowed.

In order to add your IP address you need to go into the MySQL Control panel on the control panel front page and goto remote connections. But you will only be able to put in a static IP Address. Wildcards are not allowed.

Also, this is the wrong section of the forum.

HostMonster restricts access to the DB by IP address. Localhost is always allowed.

Thats the same server providers. When you do your own homepage at any of such offerers, you have to use a localHost as path to the database. So it will not do. Sorry.

Please read my entire post again. I told you what to do and what the restrictions were. Reading the first line and stopping is just rude =/

Localhost is only if the db is on your computer. My db is remote.

What I'm saying is, you have to go into the CONTROL PANEL on the WEB HOST and add YOUR IP into the ACCESS LIST. Because BY DEFAULT it is LOCKED DOWN to LOCAL HOST ONLY.

Also as far as I remember, WILD-CARDS are NOT ALLOWED. So every time your IP CHANGES, you must ADD IT AGAIN.

Without doing the above you cannot access the DB remotely.

So I believe I have just re-iterated what I posted previously, however this time, I highlighted and capitalised the important parts so you understand better.

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