People did any of you come across good tutorials on hash tables???

What I got from schools is useless and teacher is not able to explain properly.

Thanx for help

>People did any of you come across good tutorials on hash tables???
No, I never came across a good tutorial on hash tables. So I wrote one. :)

Thank you Narue,
nice tutorial but to complex. I got bitte lost even then you provided exelent coments. Do you know of something less demanding for beginner and not programmer with experience.


That's about as simple as it gets. Yes, I covered some of the complicated variations, but if you have enough experience to want to learn hash tables, you shouldn't have too much trouble with that tutorial. What parts were confusing? I'll see if I can help you understand them and probably modify the tutorial itself to make things simpler.

Can you link to a new version of this hash tutorial please? It seems to have been lost in the sands of time.

Excellent, thank you very much.


Cheers for the tut' great help!

Don't wanna revive thread but I must say brilliant tutorial..thankfully survived the sands of time for the past 3 years :D

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